About Me

I work as a Principal Architect with 8KMiles Software Services. Having worked with companies like Infosys, MindTree earlier, I joined the founding team of 8KMiles back in 2008 when it was formed. Along with the co-founders of the company, I had the opportunity to build this company brick by brick. The initial focus was on building a online outsourcing product on top of Cloud Computing. Current focus in on the Cloud Consulting practice which was again built ground up. And of course, I wear different hats whenever required. Some of the areas I had the opportunity to do so include Operations, Hiring, Strategy, Evangelization and Administration.

I work with Amazon Web Services very closely since the last 4.5 years. Being one of the early adopters of Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services, I had the privilege to travel alongside as AWS evolved.  I am heavily involved in Architecture Consulting and Solution Design in the Cloud solving large scale problems for customers in the media, e-commerce, airlines and gaming industry. Working with such kind of problems, I get exposed to variety of problem set which requires tailor made solutions. And of course on the Open Source platform. Some of my areas of interests are

  • Open Source Technology
  • Cloud Computing
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Building Technology for Scale
  • Distributed Systems
  • Web Technology in general

Prior to 8KMiles, I had worked with Infosys and MindTree on their Banking and Travel industry verticals respectively.

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