Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello World

This is my attempt at writing on technology. I run another personal blog ( where I primarily rant about movies, music and life in general. About that part of life where work doesn't interfere. The last four years of my career have been an immense journey for me. Probably one of the best things that happened to me is to quit a mainstream job and join a startup. I am working in the area of Cloud Computing for the last four years and specifically on Amazon Web Services. The focus for initial few years was on building a product on top of Cloud Computing. Recently, I am heavily involved in Architecture Consulting and Solution Design in the Cloud solving large scale problems for customers in the media, e-commerce, airlines and gaming industry.

Working with such kind of problems, I get exposed to variety of problem set which requires tailor made solutions. And of course on the Open Source platform. In this blog, I will try to write about such experiences, any insights that I can share and general updates from the technology world and my perspective. Certain areas that I am planning to focus on include

  • Cloud Computing
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Scalability & High Availability
  • Open Source Technology

I am really excited to start something like this and I hope that I continue to write often and keep this blog alive and kicking.

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